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Who Am I Reading?

I recently got tagged in a blog post by Deven Black (@spedteacher) one of the many people I rely on for my continuing teacher education.

Tagging sometimes seems like the blog equivalent of literary logrolling in which authors conspire to praise each other’s books, but I really do read and recommend the blogs I am about to tag.

If you are tagged, follow these rules:

1) Insert the picture above into your blog with a link back to the blog that nominated you
2) List 10 blogs you feel others should read (I cheated and only did 7)
3) Tell the bloggers you have nominated that you have tagged them.

Here, in no particular order, are the ten blogs that have made a difference in my teaching and/or my thinking.

Education on the Plate by Deven Black

Deven’s blog is a favorite of mine because it reflects his honest passions for so many facets of his life. You can always read his posts and feel what he is writing about in a profound way, whether he’s talking about education reform, his students or his myriad of other experiences.

Technology Figuring Out How the Pieces Fit by Melissa Edwards

Melissa is fast becoming not just a colleague, but also a special friend. As a technology facilitator in central North Carolina, Melissa is an expert at sharing, learning, and caring. Follow her blog for excellent and practical ideas for using technology to enhance learning and teaching.

Keeping Up with the Joneses by Lindsay Jones

This one is one of my non-education blogs. Lindsay and her husband, Jeremy, are close friends of my husband and I and are both exceptional teachers. Yet, this blog is Lindsay’s for keeping up with her family. Last August, Lindsay and Jeremy’s 3 month old son Ayden passed away suddenly. Lindsay has poignantly chronicled this harsh journey through her blog and it has touched many lives very deeply. Warning, don’t go too far in the archives without a kleenex.

Free Technology for Teachers by Richard Byrne

If you need a review by a teacher on something new in technology, go here. If you need an idea, go here.  Enough said.

TED Blog

I find myself enjoying TED talks more and more lately. While I originally focused on the education related talks, it wasn’t long before I realized that they are all education related. The passion that the TED speakers share in their talks is what I can only hope for with my students and my own children.

The Tempered Radical by Bill Ferriter

Bill is an inspiring and honest educator. His blog , The Tempered Radical, shares amazing resources, offers challenging thoughts, and asks hard questions.

Mrs. Buckmaster’s Class by Ana Buckmaster‘s students

Ana does an amazing job with her 4th and 5th grade students each year. She models reflective learning, responsible digital citizenship and building curricular connections through technology. Her students never cease to amaze me, and neither does Ana.


3 Responses

  1. Tickled to make it on your list, Kelly. Anytime my writing resonates, I’m thankful. That’s the only reward that matters to me as a writer.

    Looking forward to poking through your recommendations and compiling my own list of blog nods.

    Rock on,

  2. Awww. Thanks Kelly for those nice words about me and my blog. I feel like I get so much from you and others that I don’t want to keep it all to myself 🙂 I can’t wait to check out the other blogs you have mentioned. I have a feeling I will adding lots to my google reader!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I am currently working on developing a Personal Learning Network and am searching sites and blogs to follow that will help me in my classroom. I love to see teachers and students working together to incorporate technology. The sites you are following are great tools to help me create a great learning experience for my students.

    Jillian LeRouge, Elementary Education Major
    The University of South Alabama
    Dr. Strange’s Class, EDM 310

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