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Core Beliefs

I have spent this week in a week-long study of Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) and how to begin implementing them in the schools in our district. About 100 teachers from across the county came together to share ideas, while gleaning enthusiasm from one another for our upcoming projects. I especially appreciated how our trainers empasized that the focus of any PLC should be student learning and how to maximize it. Today, as a closing activity, we were each asked to write down our core belief about student learning. We also had to create a visual representation of this core belief. I was immediately curious about what my PLN would say since their opinions are ones that I have come to respect and honor very deeply. I got such insightful responses that I wanted to share them with you all!

Question: What is your core belief about student learning, in 140 characters or less?


Wow! What wonderful views of teaching, learning and of students as individuals. Are we truly using these personal beliefs to guide our development of curriculum, technology use and learning experiences? If we can keep the focus on the students and these ideals, I am whole-heartedly optimistic.

By the way, my core belief is:

For students to be perpetual learners, we must instill in them enthusiasm, information literacy, and networked collaboration.


What is YOUR core belief about student learning?


9 Responses

  1. Also to add from my PLN:

    “The best learning is accomplished by Doing: Asking, Searching, Processing, “answering”, questioning”

    Thanks @winetimejs

  2. Another perspective from @wbasinger

    “You don’t teach anyone, but your can share excitement and show others how to learn for themselves.”

  3. What an important exercise, to get back to our core beliefs about learning. I can’t help but think how much stronger this study could be for a school were it done with 100 educators from that school. One of my core beliefs is that learning happens in community – create a community where learners feel a sense of citizenship, trust, and that everyone within it believes in each individual’s success.

    I think about this often, the question of core beliefs.

  4. Core belief … that everyone, by nature, yearns to learn (though for some it’s suppressed).

  5. […] I commented on Kelly Hines’ post Core Beliefs about my own core belief that learning happens in […]

  6. U think this is where you wanted me to put (one of my) core belief(s): @kellyhines Students must know that you honestly care about them and want them to be successful learners.

  7. Oops, I meant to put “I” not “U”. I couldn’t delete messed-up post. Sorry.

  8. […] Core Beliefs « Keeping Kids First What is your core belief about student learning, in 140 characters or less? (tags: learning) […]

  9. Great story you got here. It would be great to read more concerning this matter.

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