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Learning and Sharing from NECC 09

I have tried very hard to share the things I learned at NECC 09 through Twitter and my Diigo bookmarks, but there are a few areas that I would love to accentuate:

Using the iPod and iPod Touch in the Classroom:

old and new by Donna and Andrew

K-12 Cell Phone Projects: These are some teachers (and personal mentors) who are using cell phones to enhance learning in their classrooms

iEAR: Reviews apps for iPod and iTouch for

classroom use – for educators by educators

Learning in Hand: Tips, tools and ideas for using the iPod and iPod Touch in the classroom

Do So Much with an iPod TouchTips, tools and ideas for using the iPod and iPod Touch in the classroom

iEducation: Tips, tools and ideas for using the iPod and iPod Touch in the classroom

EdTechapalooza: Great ideas, apps and resources from Judi Epcke

General Tips and Tools for the K-5 Classroom:

Digital Story Telling: Lots of resources here for the art of digital story telling.

Voki: I love that students can build their own “talking heads” to share their writing. Teachers can also use on personal websites to give student/parent directions and instructions.

Bubbl.us: Great web based mind mapping tool

Toon Doo: I can’t wait to use this tool in the upcoming school year for vocabulary development, story re-telling and PSA-style projects in other curricular areas

Tammy’s Technology Tips for Teachers: Wow. That’s all I can say.

Jam Studio: What a wonderful way to teach students about mood and style with straight forward analogies to writing and reading. The music will engage and inspire.

VozMe: This web-based tool is a text-to-speech converter. I envision using this for student proofreading/editing. It also has wonderful potential for increasing comprehension from texts students find on websites that may be out of their personal reading levels. putering by reway2007

Google in the Classroom:

Google Tools from Tammy Worcester

Google Education Apps

Google Custom Searches

Google Student Blogs

Photo Credits:
Old & New from Donna & Andrew
Putering from reway2007

5 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting this. It’s great to have your insight and all these resources aggregated. I’ll be sharing this post with others. It was nice to meet you. Too bad we didn’t have more time to chat. 🙂

  2. Great post and thanks for sharing! You were reccommended via the PsychTweet app to follow, as we are both ed.tech fans and “education-in-generally” linked by your “Keeping Kids First” approach to your life and work.

    I can’t wait to tweet more with you and hopefully my blog will start to develop more too. I am currently using it as a place to put my online reflections for my master’s coursework, but applying it to my daily work as an educator makes it that much more practical and useful in my life. Plus, making all those connections and thinking about my reflections from work, university and my passions in education is a whole lot of metacognition – THAT can’t be bad!


  3. Saw your link on Twitter… thanks for posting all this great info! I would love to attend NECC one day, but haven’t been lucky enough to yet. Reading the blog posts of others, watching the videos online, etc. is the next best thing, and still such a great way to learn and be inspired. Thanks for sharing!

    Tracy (aka library_goddess)

  4. Very informative. Really well put together as well.

  5. Really nice post, informative and helpful.

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